The Application
Delivery Platform

We automate deployments of Open Source
in Cloud Native infrastructures.

Lack of Dev-Ops
resources for Open-

Do you lack the resources to operate secure open source solutions yourself? Do you still need to rely on expensive external SaaS solutions?

GDPR and
are complex issues

Do you have the know-how or resources to ensure safe and compliant processing of your data?

Increasing number of third-parties tools leads to loss of trust

By relying on external third-party SaaS tools, you lose control over your data, compromise your information security, and violate key principles of the GDPR. Don't risk the trust of your customers.

But it does not have to be like this

Now full data control is one click away

Our solutions for reliable
and scalable infrastructure.

Easily and scale your IT infrastructure while deploying applications quickly and securely with our cloud native technology solutions.

Our Solutions solves your problems


Updates & Monitoring

Glasskube offers a convenience that is only known from large SaaS providers. All tools are automatically monitored and updated with tested versions to ensure that there are no security gaps or outdated software in use.

No third-party solutions

With self-hosted open source solutions, you no longer need to rely on external SaaS service providers. No more external service providers means no more time spent auditing.

Legal Compliance

You alone decide where your data is stored, what data is processed, and what happens to it. This way, you can easily meet all legal requirements when processing personal data.

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