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We are a motivated team with a common passion:
Digital Sovereignty. Our goal is to enable you to regain complete control over your data.
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We are a strong, passionate team with different backgrounds and experiences

Louis Weston


Philip Miglinci


Our mission

We automate the deployment and Day 2 operation of Open Source tools and infrastructure components on Kubernetes to give companies back full control over their data and simplify access to Open Source technologies.

Our Milestones

June 2022 - aws First Incubator

Glasskube has been accepted into the aws First Incubator's Summer Batch 2022.

September 2022 - Media Tech Lab

The Media Tech Lab supports the development of an open source Kubernetes operator for the media industry.

November 2022 - Website

Website Launch

June 2023 - Exoscale marketplace integration

Open Source Tools managed by Glasskube are available via the Exoscale Marketplace

October 2023 - waw Innovation

Supported by the Wirtschaftsagentur Wien, Glasskube makes Open Source Solutions more accessible for businesses.


Press corner

Glasskube is an infrastructure software startup from Vienna and they have embarked on a mission to combat outdated software infrastructure and technical debt. Glasskube enables companies for the first time to automate the deployment, configuration, and the management of open source tools like Gitlab, Keycloak, Hashicorp Vault, NextCloud, and associated infrastructure components such as databases, caching, and backup storage on Kubernetes. This reduces the effort required to manage open-source solutions by 90% and saves companies valuable time, all while closing potential security vulnerabilities.

In addition, they offer features such as automated backups and rollbacks, sandbox and preview environments, as well as configurable and logged update processes that allow for testing software version updates before deploying them to the production environment, and documenting all updates and changes according to current information security standards.

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