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We are a motivated team with a common passion:
Digital Sovereignty. Our goal is to enable you to regain complete control over your data.
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We are a strong, passionate team with different backgrounds and experiences

Louis Wäfler


Philip Miglinci


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We automate the installation and Day 2 operation of Open Source tools and infrastructure components on European infrastructure to give companies back full control over their data and simplify access to Open Source technologies.

Our Milestones

June 2022 - aws First Incubator

Glasskube has been accepted into the aws First Incubator's Summer Batch 2022.

September 2022 - Media Tech Lab

The Media Tech Lab supports the development of an open source Kubernetes operator for the media industry.

November 2022 - Website

Website Launch

June 2023 - Exoscale marketplace integration

Open Source Tools managed by Glasskube are available via the Exoscale Marketplace

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Glasskube SaaSifies Open Source Tools. They develop infrastructure software that enables companies to easily install data privacy compliant and secure open source tools as alternatives for SaaS solutions like Google Analytics, Salesforce, Office 365. Their self-developed Kubernetes Operator instantly deploys these tools and automates Day-2 operations. They thereby reduce software costs and automate DevOps processes. Glasskube additionally provides intelligent Kubernetes cluster management with special AI-supported features to optimize computation efficiency and availability and make sure all components are always up-to-date and secure.

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