Open Source Software

Glasskube offers you a wide range of solutions for different use cases. However, they all have one thing in common: All solutions are 100% DSGVO compliant.

Appointment scheduling

Leveraging scheduling tools helps reduce time redundancies. This improves efficiency, as tasks such as coordinating or re-booking appointments no longer represent time bottlenecks that slow down processes. This optimizes the use of the most valuable resource, time. With an open source solution, appointments can be booked securely and 100% privacy compliant.

CRM & Growth Automations

Good customer management is the key to increasing customer satisfaction. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows you to target your customers correctly. CRM systems systematically manage an organization's relationships and interactions with existing and potential customers. They enable you to stay in touch with customers, optimize processes, and increase profitability.


An internal whistleblowing system represents a central and fundamental pillar for preventively uncovering and stopping misconduct in companies and is thus the basis for successful risk management. Experience shows that companies and organizations lose around 7 percent of their annual turnover due to financial crimes. Whisteblowing tools enable companies to safely and anonymously report misconduct such as corruption, abuse of authority, discrimination or harassment.

Web Analytics

Web analytics tools measure the traffic on websites and online stores as well as give you an overview of how many users visit them every day. The goal is to bundle the measurement, collection, analysis, and presentation of Internet data, to understand and optimize the use of websites. So you know who visits your website, where the users come from and which content and areas work well.

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