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Kubernetes Operators explained

The Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration platform for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. A Kubernetes operator utilizes the Kubernetes api to extends the functionality of the Kubernetes platform by allowing users to easily deploy and manage custom applications on top of Kubernetes.

With operators, users can simply deploy their applications and the operator will take care of the rest. This includes tasks such as provisioning resources, updating and patching the application, and monitoring its health. Operators can also handle complex tasks such as rolling updates, which allows users to update their applications without any downtime.

Benefits to using Kubernetes operators:

  1. Simplified deployment and management of applications
  2. Improved reliability and uptime of applications
  3. Ability to automate complex tasks such as rolling updates
  4. Enhanced security and compliance through automatic patching and updates

More and more open source applications also develop Kubernetes Operators to increase implementation speed and software adoption. Developing Kubernetes Operatos require a deep knowledge about the Kubernetes internals and application lifecycle management.

Overall, Kubernetes operators are a valuable tool for Kubernetes administrators and DevOps teams looking to deploy and manage applications on the Kubernetes platform. They provide a simple and efficient way to automate the management of complex, stateful applications, improving reliability and uptime while reducing the workload for developers and operations teams.

Glasskube Kubernetes Operator

Glasskube develops a Kubernetes operator itself to provide maintenance-free open source tools for users and customers. Glasskube supports various databases and well-known open source tools such as Matomo.

The source code can be viewed on GitHub: github.com/glasskube/operator Glasskube Operator on GitHub

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