Data Protection Day 2023


The protection and control of personal data and privacy is crucial for both companies and private individuals. The aim of the annual "European Data Protection Day" is to raise awareness of this issue and regain control over one's own data.

Personal data such as address, date of birth or social security number is sensitive and should not fall into the wrong hands. Proper handling of this trusted information is important for both private individuals and businesses.

On January 28, 1981, the Council of Europe adopted Convention 108 "for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data." The latter had already begun to address the threat to privacy posed by automatic data processing in 1968. The legally binding agreement on data privacy was thus a first step in the right direction. For this reason, the Council of Europe declared January 28 as European Data Protection Day.

Since the introduction of Data Protection Day in 2007, the landscape of data privacy laws has changed significantly around the world. Far-reaching laws such as GDPR, CCPA and LGPD place strict requirements on organizations and grant individuals new rights. Data Protection Day is an opportunity for organizations and individuals to raise awareness of privacy and data protection, promote best practices, and discuss why data protection is important.

There is no single way to celebrate European Data Protection Day 2023, but it is important to take a moment to recognize the significance and understand why data privacy is important. For companies, Data Protection Day can be a good opportunity to reflect on whether their company data and their customers' data are protected. In addition, companies can educate their employees about the steps being taken to ensure the security of personal data. A checklist can be very helpful in this regard.

If you are not sure if all the important steps have been taken in your company to protect data, this might be the perfect time to contact Glasskube. Together we will analyze your needs and explain appropriate measures.

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